Create, analyse, and thrive with mesk

The ultimate marketplace for artists and NFT collectors

Bridging the physical and digital divide

The new classic – Physical Art and NFT’s all in one place.

Connect and socialize

Interact with other users and friends. Comment on, like and follow your favourite profiles. Direct message other users and send $MESK to your friends & family.

In-depth Analysis

Explore simmilar NFT’s to those in your wallet and discover new projects. Go into deep analysis of your NFT holdings and track your finances. Chart your NFT gains and watch your floor price balance grow!

Open Marketplace

Create a listing for a physicial or digital item like your brand new NFT collection. Find everything from NFTs & paintings to music and short movies. Explore your favourite stores, support your favourite artists and maybe even pick up some merch?

Minting Platform

Create a presale for your whitelist and mint your dream NFT collection, no matter the size. If you are an aspiring new artist, or a seasoned NFT veteran, every artist will benefit from the abundance of amazing minting tools at your fingertips.


Vote on how our NFTs and token holdings are spent to further the project. Track our marketing and development wallets to see how much we have banked to spend on furthering the project. $MESK tokens count as votes, so save them up to get the loudest voice!


Create and customise your portfolio to show off to the world! Display your favourite NFTs and show yourself off to the community. Deep profile creation with perfected rating systems ensures the best artists get seen.

Get your work seen by the right people

Connect with other artists from around the world and build a community around your work.

Using the Smartest Token template ever built

$MESK contains an exchange, lending protocol and an asset-backed store of value all inside the smart contract, creating a safe and less volatile token.

A Crypto Safety Cushion

100% Asset-Backed

$MESK is backed by fBNB and fETH, providing each token with an ever-increasing intrinsic baseline value which comes from a percentage of the volume. 3% of every buy and sell goes straight into the asset backing pool.

Simple & Effective

On Token Swaps

$MESK hosts its own liquidity. No third-party swap protocol is ever needed. This means $MESK is free to trade on any and every website, all at the same time! This makes it easier for investors to trade as they can buy tokens straight from the website.

Only Way Is Up

Smart Rising Price Floor

Since $MESK hosts its own liquidity, 1% of every sell transaction is directly used to increase the price floor. This does not require additional transactions. As a result, traders pay no gas fees while this process completes.

Diamond Hands?


$MESK reflects 1% of every buy and sell back to the holders. Holders gain their reflections automatically as each transaction happens on the blockchain; no gas fee is paid by the holder. Sit back, relax and watch your $MESK grow over time!

Less Stress

Rug Proof

$MESK’s contract on both chains was renounced upon creation. Since the contract hosts all the liquidity, it is impossible for any of the developers to pull the liquidity, even if they wanted to…

Lots of Wrapping

Wrapped Liquidity

All the $MESK liquidity is fWrapped with fETH or fBNB. This means our liquidity is also constantly gaining rewards while it sits there as other transactions occur with those fWraps. With no buys or sells, $MESKs liquidity grows, giving each token a higher price.

Need Some Extra?


$MESK can be used as collateral in return for it’s share of the asset-backing pool in fBNB or fETH. The loan is repayable without interest for 30 days. After 30 days, you can extend the loan for another 30 days for 1% interest. If the loan isn’t paid, the $MESK is burnt from the supply.





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